• Wide Load Semi’s Snarl Traffic on 267 in Brownsburg

    February 07, 2011 No comments

    In Brownsburg this morning a little before 10am, 3 wide load semi trucks got stuck on the railroad tracks just north of Main street on 267, also known as Green street. Traffic was stopped on both sides of the tracks for at least 30 minutes.

    One of the drivers who spoke to XRB said that although the town of Brownsburg has asked the State of Indiana’s Transportation Department not to route wide load trucks through the town of Brownsburg, the state continues to do so. He said the trucks were only traveling the route they were given by the state to follow. The driver refused to have a statement recorded or give us his name, but stated he does work for Silver Creek Express Inc. of Luana, Iowa.

    Officer Sgt. April Summers was on the scene and gave us this statement.

    Summers: We had three Semi wide loads come down 267 Southbound and were unable to get over the railroad tracks. This is the designated route they were supposed to take.

    XRB: Are those routes issued by the State of Indiana?

    Summers: Yes they are.

    XRB: Have you ever seen this situation before at the railroad tracks?

    Summers: I have never seen a situation where they couldn’t get over the railroad tracks. We have had some issues with wide loads when this was not their designated routes so we have been watching for trucks that do come down without proper travel plans. Fortunately for them, this was the route they were given, unfortunately they were unable to go through.



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