• Warm weather brings Ash Borers out earlier

    April 24, 2012 No comments

    Indiana’s warm weather has brought emerald ash borers out about a month ahead of schedule, so homeowners should take steps now to protect their trees, a Purdue University bug expert said.

    Entomologist Cliff Sadof said homeowners who want to protect their ash trees with insecticides need to start applying them as soon as possible because adult borers typically take flight about the same time that black locust trees bloom. He said the black locust bloom already is occurring in many parts of Indiana. 

    Sadof said the eggs laid by adult borers will produce grubs that start drilling into ash trees in about a month. 

    More information is available at www.eabindiana.info. Available resources include how to determine whether trees are infested and how to take care of the problem.

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