• Two Martinsville teachers arrested on felony child seduction charges

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    Indiana State Police officials announced Wednesday afternoon that two Martinsville teachers were arrested on felony child seduction charges.

    Tim Wolf, who retired after his arrest in Indianapolis, and second grade teacher Jeff McGown are both facing the charges.

    Wolf was arrested in February after he was found in a state of undress in a vehicle with a 17-year-old in an Indianapolis park.

    ISP has been investigating the two men since Wolf’s arrest. Later investigating revealed McGown had a relationship with the same 17-year-old girl in Wolf’s car at the time of the arrest.

    Wolf was the former Martinsville High School basketball coach. McGown is the girls tennis coach now on administrative leave.

    According to the probable cause affidavit, Martinsville High School administrators were aware of rumors involving Wolf and a 17-year-old student. School officials also told police there were even rumors of video of the student and Wolf holding hands walking on the track at the high school.

    State Police officials said that the relationship initially was with Jeff McGown and then later on with Timothy Wolf.

    The student later came forward and admitted having a relationship with both men.

    Police said during their investigation, they interviewed a number of people including several students from Martinsville High School.

    Both men turned themselves in to police Wednesday afternoon and have since bonded out of jail. Both are facing three counts of child seduction, a Class D felony. If convicted, they face six month to three years in prison.

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