• Two Danville youth’s are arrested for extensive area vandalism

    July 18, 2012 No comments

    Local and federal law enforcement officers worked together to find and arrest two minors for widespread vandalism in Danville early Monday.

    As reported by Wade Coggeshall in today’s Hendricks County Flyer, Danville Police Chief Keith Gill said his department began receiving reports of vandalism between 1:30 and 2:00 a.m. Monday. Homeowners from the Old Farm, Whisperwood Lakes, and Wexford neighborhoods told police someone had spray-painted fences, sheds, and driveways on their properties. Damage has been estimated at $22,000.

    Gill says much of the graffiti was profane and racist. It included backward swastikas, racial epithets, and Satanic and gang symbols.

    He says 18 to 20 houses were hit by the two youths, who are from Danville. Some of the victims were targeted for their ethnicity and religious affiliations.

    The minors are also accused of blowing up two mailboxes in the Wexford subdivision. Police say they stole roman candles from a neighbor’s shed to blow up the mailboxes.

    That’s what got the postal inspector and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms involved. Gill says everyone combined to chase leads and use forensic evidence to find the accused.

    He says the two youths arrested for the crime, both 17 years old, confessed to all of the vandalism. The case has already been submitted to the county prosecutor’s office.

    This marks the second major case of vandalism in Danville in as many years, in which the accused were quickly caught.

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