• Training seminar in Avon teaches parents how to Bully-Proof their homes

    October 18, 2012 No comments

    Dr. Phil Sparks of Indy will be presenting a faith based training on How To Bully Proof Your Home in Avon on Tuesday October 23, 2012. The training will be held at the Service Plus Community room located at 8185 US 36, Avon at 7pm.

    Dr. Phil of Indy, who has been a Christian caregiver for the past 40 years, has been involved in coaching and mentoring.  Dr. Phil of Indy’s certification as a Christian counselor along with training and experience in a variety of topics including domestic violence, substance abuse, and bullying has allowed him to author seven books.

    This event will showcase the ideas and concepts of his newest book, “How To Bully Proof Your Home”. Bullying is a real problem for our community and he is interested in sharing his ideas and thoughts with the community.

    “Our intentions is to share some thoughts and start a discussion in the homes about bullying”, said Dr. Phil of Indy. “We look forward to helping the families of Hendricks County”.

    Dr. Phil Sparks is the CEO Life Coaching Consultants.  To learn more about him and the event, visit his website at www.DrPhilofIndy.com.

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