• Town of Danville to revisit sprinkle rate

    August 22, 2011 No comments

    The Danville town council plans to study incorporating a “sprinkle rate” into the sewage utility at its next meeting.

    The idea was brought up at the last meeting by Robert Rhodes. The resident told the council that for most of the year his water and sewer bills run about the same. That changes from June to September, however, when he waters his yard and garden.

    Rhodes said that he didn’t mind paying for the water, but complained that sewer bill goes sky high and noted that the water is not going to the sewer. He suggested the town enact a set sewage rate for those months.

    Town Manager Gary Eakin said the idea’s been suggested in the past, but was shot down because officials wanted to ensure there was enough revenue to pay off outstanding bonds. He added that there are at least three options the council could now consider, which he plans to present at the council’s Sept. 6 meeting.

    The idea of a sprinkle rate was briefly discussed this spring, when the council voted to increase water and sewer rates by 16 percent to replenish cash reserves for a $700,000 capital project on the town’s water plant. That project, still being undertaken, converts the plant back to aeration treatment from ozone, with the hope being that it resolves the taste and odor issues that have affected the water supply over the past few years.

    Councilman Mike Neilson questioned whether a sprinkle rate would negatively affect tax revenues after it was decided a rate increase was essential for the town’s bond rating. Eakin said it would address sewer usage only.

    Any approved sprinkle rate likely wouldn’t go into effect until next year.


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