• Town of Brownsburg lifts watering ban

    September 05, 2012 No comments

    The Town of Brownsburg is lifting the mandatory restrictions on non-essential watering, including the ban on lawn watering, that were put in place in mid-July. Effective at 6 p.m. tonight, customers may resume regular water use.                                                  

    Thanks to customer compliance with the ban, the Town is pumping on average 700,000 gallons per day less than before the restrictions. With the recent heavy rainfall, the Brownsburg water towers are maintaining adequate levels to lift the ban. 

    Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz said “We are pleased that residents and businesses were so cooperative with the Town’s effort to conserve water during the drought this summer. We are asking customers to continue to use good judgment to help keep water demand low.” 

    The Town issued 66 notices of violation during the watering ban.

    Avon and Pittsboro have also lifted their watering bans.

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