• The lawn of the Brownsburg Town Hall will be “occupied” Thursday

    November 16, 2011 No comments

    By now, the Occupy Wall Street movement has made its way into the consciousness of the majority of the nation. Not to be confused with the ideas of that movement, a rally in a different vein will hit the lawn of the Brownsburg Town Hall from 3 to 6 p.m. Nov. 17.

    In a story today by Bart Doan in today’s Hendricks County Flyer, he reports that rally organizers have named their event “We are the 99.” But they’re quick to point out that they are not to be confused with the Occupy movements that have swept across the nation since September in that this group has a clear leadership and does not consider itself in any way to be radical in thought. They are, however, adamant about noting that the government process needs to be changed.

    The rally is sponsored by MoveOn.org, which is a movement aimed at what they call “bringing real Americans back into the political process.” Mark Tieken, who owns a construction company and ran for a board position in Lincoln Township in 2010, is the coordinator for the event in Brownsburg, which will feature a multitude of speakers and live musical entertainment.

    Tieken said, “I know a lot of people that don’t have any money in Brownsburg. I know people here who are unemployed, and we need to bring to light that we are upset with the approval rating in Congress. Nothing’s getting done. The Jobs Bill got voted down and we feel like we need to bring to light the fact that the economy would be better if we would just work together.”

    According to MoveOn.org, 10 percent of the population has 83 percent of the money, and whereas America used to rank No. 1 in education, it has now slipped to No. 93.

    Not everyone is excited about the event. Just as with the Occupy movements, there is strong opinion both ways. Put Brownsburg Town Councilman-elect Rob Kendall in that category.

    “I don’t understand why they’re having it in the town of Brownsburg,” Kendall said. “This town is made up of hardworking people, successful business owners who are people that create jobs and, in a way, by protesting at town hall, you’re sending a message that those people are bad guys, when in reality they’re the good guys in this equation.”

    Kendall said he thinks that the responsibilities are misguided when it comes to job creation, and that the MoveOn.org movements, as well as the Occupy movements, are nothing more than a political ploy.

    “This is a total farce,” he said. “It’s an arm to attempt to fund the Democratic platform. Why does government have to have the answer? In the history of our country, when has it (the government) ever created long-term, sustainable jobs? The private sector creates jobs, and that ability is stymied with the government’s taxes and regulations.”

    Still, Kendall aims to be proactive about learning specifically what issues have brought this group together for this rally and he intends to show up on Thursday.

    MoveOn.org declared Thursday as “National Economic Emergency Day,” and though he does not know exactly how large the event will be, Tieken believes that their point will be well made.

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