• Store’s damaged, people trampled…for latest shoes

    December 23, 2011 No comments

    Shoppers waiting in line for the season’s hottest sports shoe scuffled outside and rushed the doors at two Indianapolis malls early this morning.

    At Castleton Square Mall, about 1,500 people showed up hours before the Air Jordan XI was set to go on sale at midnight at Champs and Finish Line, which only had 300 of the shoes total. 

    Mall security had to call Indianapolis police for backup after pushing and shoving broke out amongst the crowd.

    Police said people were throwing things at each other and at officers. Police were also afraid glass storefront window might break with all the shoving.

    Police said no one was injured and there were no arrests were made.

    The shoes went on sale at Lafayette Square Mall and Washington Square Mall at 7 a.m. and several hundred people gathered at each location.

    Police called for backup at Lafayette Square when shoppers rushed the entrance, knocking several people down and running over them.

    The front doors to the mall were ripped off their hinges in the process. Police said the situation there was under control by 7:20 a.m.

    The white shoes with patent-leather accents are identical to the original Air Jordans released in 1996 when Bulls star Michael Jordan was at the height of his basketball fame.

    Police reportedly used pepper spray to break up fights among shoe buyers who pushed and shoved outside a Seattle area mall.

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