• Statewide smoking ban advances to full Senate

    February 23, 2012 No comments

    The battle over a proposed statewide smoking ban produced a four-hour hearing in the state Senate that concluded with a vote to advance the bill.

    The committee voted 8-2 to send the smoking ban to the full Senate in a battle that has gone on in the General Assembly for six years. The opponents of a smoking ban have always won, but this time it may be different because supporters have the governor on their side. Mitch Daniels has stated that he will sign a smoking ban if it passes.

    Indiana is one of just 11 states without a statewide smoking ban, but it remains an emotional battle.

    The smoking ban has now advanced further in the process than ever before, but it still faces an uncertain future. Opponents will attempt to add exemptions that will make it unacceptable to supporters.

    It already includes exemptions for casinos, private clubs and tobacco shops, along with an 18-month exemption for bars.

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