• State Police Echo Governor Daniels’ Comments about Senate Bill One

    March 23, 2012 No comments

    As reported by XRB News, Tuesday afternoon, March 20th, Governor Daniels signed into law Senate Enrolled Act 1, titled “Right to defend against unlawful entry.”

    Throughout the very public coverage of this bill it has been mischaracterized by some as “the right to resist” bill.  The Indiana State Police want all citizens to understand the true meaning of this law.  Very simply, it is not a “right to resist” law; it is as the law is titled, a “right to defend against unlawful entry” law.


    As Governor Daniels stated, “Today is an important day to say: Indiana’s outstanding law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to protect all Hoosiers. The right thing to do is cooperate with them in every way possible. This law is not an invitation to use violence or force against law enforcement officers. In fact, it restricts when an individual can use force, specifically deadly force, on an officer, so don’t try anything.  Chances are overwhelming you will be breaking the law and wind up in far worse trouble as a result.”

    State police spokesperson Capt. David Bursten commented, “I share the same concern as Gov. Daniels, that this law may be misunderstood by the public.  My biggest fear is a homeowner, in the heat of the moment, will think an officer is entering their home illegally, when in fact the officer has every legal right to enter the home.” Bursten continued, “Some media have previously reported this law prohibits entry into a person’s home without a warrant.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  When a crime is in progress, as may be the case with domestic violence situations, the investigating officers have every legal right – in fact, a duty – to enter the home without a warrant to ensure the safety of all occupants.”


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