• State lawmakers approve limited statewide smoking ban

    February 01, 2012 No comments

    Indiana House lawmakers sent a limited statewide ban on smoking to the Senate for consideration Tuesday afternoon.

    The House voted 61-34 to approve a statewide ban. Casinos, private clubs, cigar and hookah bars and retail tobacco stores would all be exempt under the House plan. Indiana bars would also get an 18-month reprieve before the measure kicks in.

    The ban now moves to Indiana’s Senate, where anti-smoking advocates have had little success in the past.

    The ban has garnered broad support from Indiana leaders. Gov. Mitch Daniels included the ban in his 2012 legislative agenda, and Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma said the ban was a top priority. 

    Tim Harms, spokesman for the American Heart Association, called the ban written by House lawmakers a “major step” as anti-smoking advocates continue to push for a comprehensive ban.

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