• State board seeks public input on sale of raw milk

    May 22, 2012 2 comments

    An Indiana agency conducting a study on the sale of raw milk is asking state residents to weigh in.

    The Indiana State Board of Animal Health is planning a virtual public hearing from June 1 through Sept. 1 where people can express their thoughts. Contributors also can offer suggestions for any potential change to Indiana law, which doesn’t allow the sale of raw milk. Those who submit comments must provide a name and contact information.

    Supporters of raw milk contend that pasteurization, which kills harmful bacteria and extends shelf life, depletes milk of beneficial nutrients. The dairy industry and other opponents contend the threat of E. coli or salmonella should take precedent.

    The final report by the Board of Animal Health will provide guidance to lawmakers.

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  • 2 Reponses to "State board seeks public input on sale of raw milk"

    1. Joy McClain 18 Jun 2012

      Please, support the sale of raw milk. My family raises dairy goats…we take excellent care of them and we drink our own milk. We love it, it is great for our son who has many health issues. We have never been sick from the milk or had ANY problems. Please allow others the same blessing that our family has…the opportunity to have the freedom to consume the kind of milk they desire and often need because of health issues like our son!
      Also – if we want to make local markets more sustaining…goats milk could actually be sold if it were monitored closely – without making it impossible for the goat producers. Farmers markets, communities sustaining the local growers is so very important to our economy…consider giving growers more flexibility through allowing raw milk to be sold. Consider the recent find in a fast food meal…a cockroach….now that’s a threat to human health. Risks can be everywhere and precautions must be made however…I believe people should have the freedom to choose.
      Best wishes to all of you – may you weigh fairly, the benefit to everyone.

    2. Becky Zielinski 17 Jul 2012

      I believe we should have the freedon to purchase healthy raw milk. Our parents and grandparents were healthy from using raw milk and having their own butter and cottage cheese from raw milk. I am 65 and we need to have this freedom to choose and purchase raw milk. Too many food issues from dairy and raw goats milk is a wonderful option.

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