• Special Town Council Meeting for Brownsburg to Discuss Budgets

    August 23, 2010 No comments

    Thursday night there was a special Town Council meeting for Brownsburg to discuss budgets. Town Manager Dale Cheatham led the meeting and advised the council with his perspective on funds for future town projects. President of the Brownsburg Town Council Matt Bowles said it was the first of its kind in Brownsburg.

    Bowles: The public got to see a rare glimpse of its government at work tonight. I was glad to see the room was full of a lot of interested people. This was the first time that we’ve actually had a public dialogue. Now understand that four years ago when I came into office, we didn’t have a budget. We simply turned in our

    Some things Cheatham mentioned last night involved code ordinance and reinforcement, a possible slight water increase and also proposed spending some of the Christmas fund to put on a light show for the town that can be viewed from inside a your car.

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