• Sheriff Dave Galloway says watch for farm equipment on roadways

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    Hendricks County Sheriff Dave Galloway is urging motorists to be aware of slow moving farm equipment and to use caution on the roadways this time of year as area farmers prepare for planting.  During the next several weeks, large farm equipment will be traveling on highways throughout the county as farmers move from field to field.  Just as motorists are entitled to operate vehicles on public roadways, farmers are legally allowed to operate their machinery on the same roads.  Sheriff Galloway is asking residents to give special attention to the following safety tips to ensure a safe farming season.

    Be patient behind farm equipment.  Don’t assume that the farmer can see you or can immediately pull over to let you pass.  If a farmer has pulled off the road to allow you to pass or if you feel you can make it around him, do so with caution.  Do not pass unless you can see clearly ahead of both you and the vehicle you will pass.  When approaching farm equipment from the opposite direction, pull to the right and let them pass, particularly on narrow roads.  When pulling over to the side of the road, be mindful of mailboxes and utility poles.

         Operators of farm equipment should make sure all lighting and placards are on their equipment as required by law.  Farmers should avoid traveling on highways during rush hour traffic or in bad weather.  When three or more vehicles are behind the equipment, safely pull to the side of the road to let same direction traffic pass.  When parking equipment along the road while in the field, make sure it is visible at night.

         “Patience and caution by all motorists and operators of farm equipment will ensure a safe planting season for all those sharingHendricksCountyroadways,” said Sheriff Galloway.

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