• Sheltering Wings, the domestic violence shelter for women and children located in Hendricks County, announces plans to expand the current facility

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    When the shelter first opened its doors in January of 2002 we felt that our physical space, which accommodates 44 women and children, and the services we designed would be sufficient for our community. The number of abused women and children continues to escalate. Because of that need, we have expanded from a county wide ministry to a regional one. Over the past two years the facility needs have increased dramatically. Daily housing needs have exceeded our capacity consistently. Overcrowded situations are undermining our core values of quality care and treatment. Thus, the Sheltering Wings leadership has moved forward with the development of the facility expansion plans that will increase our daily capacity to 68 women and children. A completion date is scheduled for spring of 2011.

    “In order for us to accommodate the growing demand for our services, we were left with no other option than to launch a capital campaign to raise the necessary funds to expand Sheltering Wings”, says Greg Hylton, Board Chair. “In 2009 we had more than 280 women and children living with us and we received almost 1,100 crisis calls. While we are doing everything we can to end the cycle of domestic violence these numbers tell us there is still much work to be done. With the necessary financial support from individuals and corporations in the communities we serve, we believe we can get to our fundraising goal. There is still a financial need for individuals and businesses to get involved and we hope that the community will rally around this project and support our capital campaign.”

    As of August 1, 2010, $2.35 million has been received toward the campaign goal of $3.5 million. This funding has been raised during the silent phase of our campaign. A $1.0 million commitment from United Way and funding from the Federal Home Loan Bank of $750,000 were keys to our success. One hundred percent of the Sheltering Wings’ Board members and staff have pledged to the campaign, and Hendricks Regional Health has donated the additional land needed to house the expansion.

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