• Senior prank at a Hendricks County high school leads to protests over suspensions

    May 16, 2012 1 comments

    What on the surface appears to be a harmless senior prank at a Hendricks County high school now has a community up in arms as they say the punishment does not fit the crime.

    Five students at Cascade High School have been suspended after they posted 10,000 Post-it notes throughout the school covering the doors, in the gym, the main lobby, in hallways and in classrooms.

    The students claim that they had permission from a school board member who even gave them a key to enter the building and coordinated efforts with the head custodian. The five seniors say that they also explained what they were going to do.

    The prank has even cost one of the custodians her job. Kim Rouse was terminated from her job as a custodian at Cascade High School. A position she had held for almost a year. Rouse is also the mother of one of the suspended students and was on hand at the time of the prank to help supervise the students.

    Superintendent of Mill Creek Schools Dr. Patrick Spray explained that the punishment was not for the posting of the Post-it notes but because the students had entered school property after hours and without permission.

    The five seniors were suspended for two days and an additional 40 students were suspended today for protesting when they gathered in the gym to voice their displeasure and did not leave the gym when they were told.

    Another protest by fellow students had many of them wearing Post-it notes in support of the five seniors. Students and parents were protesting outside the school and had their cars decorated with the sticky notes.

    Many parents are also upset saying the punishment does not fit the prank. Especially since it appears that a school board member help facilitate the prank by giving the students a key and therefore giving the students permission.

    There is no report on the identity of the school board member who allegedly supplied the key. It is reported that the Mill Creek school board is considering a special meeting to address the matter. The school is also expected to hold a press conference today.

  • 1 Response to "Senior prank at a Hendricks County high school leads to protests over suspensions"

    1. Debbie 16 May 2012

      I can’t believe this! Why hasn’t the school board member stepped forward that provided the permission? In this day and age, 10,000 post-it notes are nothing!

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