• Security upgrades coming to Hendricks County jail

    January 30, 2012 No comments

    Hendricks County Commissioners approved a contract with Indianapolis engineering firm DLZ to oversee security upgrades at the county jail during their last meeting.

    The deal was for $53,200 and was approved contingent on County Engineer John Ayers getting clarification on the fee and how much of the project DLZ will inspect. Commissioners also approved allowing the project to go to bid.

    Last August commissioners got the results of a feasibility study on upgrading the jail’s security system, which was conducted by DLZ. The top priorities are security electronics, installation of a guard tour system, and use of video visitation. The total cost is now being projected at $560,500.

    The Hendricks County Council signed off on the upgrades, which Sheriff David Galloway has deemed as mandatory.

    Existing graphic control panels and consoles, used to operate different parts of the jail from one location, are now obsolete. Officials also want a new digital video recording system with extra storage to preserve surveillance footage longer and guard against lawsuits. It’s a similar idea with a guard tour system, which allows jail officers to document when and where they were electronically while doing routine inspections.

    Another upgrade is installing video visitation. A booth with a camera and monitor would be available in each cell block for inmates to communicate with visitors. That would eliminate the need for jailers to escort riskier inmates to court.

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