• Rokita Leads Efforts to Ease Burden of Propane Shortage

    March 04, 2014 No comments

    Washington, DC – Rep. Todd Rokita released the following statement following the passage of the Home Heating Emergency Assistance Through Transportation (HHEATT) Act, H.R. 4076, legislation he cosponsored and lead colleagues in building support for.

    “I know from my regular stops in Indiana, Hoosiers are hurting due to the propane shortage.  While ideas like price caps only cause worse problems, like rationing, over the long haul, the bill we passed helps solve the problem by suspending terrible regulations that are impeding the speed of propane delivery in the first place,” Rokita said. 

    As has been widely reported, many Hoosiers are experiencing hardship due to a propane shortage impacting several regions of the country.  Businesses that sell propane and propane accessories are feeling the pinch with a limited supply.  To help ease the strain on the market, Rep. Rokita supported this legislation that grants an exemption from the Department of Transportation Hours of Service rule to tank truck drivers delivering propane and other home heating fuels.

    Exempting drivers from this rule allows for a higher capacity supply chain for fuels to reach markets more quickly– reducing cost and risk to families during a cold winter.  This exemption extends through May 31, 2014, replacing the 30-day reprieves granted by the DOT.

    In late January, Rokita sent a letter to the Department of Transportation to secure the initial 30-day reprieve of this rule.

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