• Residents of Avon Lakes look for answers to flooding problem

    February 17, 2012 No comments

    Some residents of Avon Lakes are upset about flooding in their neighborhood. And they’re blaming the Ronald Reagan Parkway for the problem.

    In a story in today’s Hendricks County Flyer, Avon Lakes neighborhood representative Ken Sims told County Commissioners at a recent meeting that the swales in the subdivision were built by the developer.

    In particular, Avon Lakes received several inches of rain in short time last April. There were 341,000 gallons of water that went through their metered sewer system, resulting in homeowners there paying $16,776 in charges. They also had to pay fines ordered by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for raw sewage leaking.

    The deluge cracked a 55-year-old dam that cost $20,000 to replace. As well, the homeowners association had to raise the manholes in Avon Lakes 4 feet to stay above floodwaters.

    He and others blame the Ronald Reagan Parkway for the extra runoff. Sims said big basins constructed for the parkway are channeling a mile and a half of runoff into Avon Lakes’ smaller culverts, which can’t handle the volume. It’s also flooding a nearby field, washing out County Road 1000 and dumping large amounts of silt into the neighborhood’s lake. Sims said it’s gotten so bad that the lake, once 8 feet deep, is now only 3. He had to remove a $12,000 fountain because it was sucking up so much silt.

    County Engineer John Ayers was alerted to the flooding last spring. He spoke with an engineer representing Avon Lakes at the time. Ayers said by looking at aerial photos you can tell culverts for the parkway were placed where the channels were before.

    Ayers agreed culverts for Avon Lakes and the parkway should be the same size, but the county can’t change the ones under County Road 1000 without raising the road. Putting retention on the other side of the road where the field floods would help, but the county doesn’t own that property. But Ayers disagrees with the notion that the Parkway has created the problem.

    He added that while in Avon Lakes last spring he noticed the ditches there were overgrown, narrow, and winding. Ayers thinks clearing and straightening them out would help with runoff.

    He told commissioners he would bring ideas or suggestions about the issue to their next meeting, Feb. 28 in the Hendricks County Government Center.

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