• Reported Brownsburg Abduction Attempt False Alarm

    October 21, 2011 No comments

    What was initially reported and investigated as an abduction attempt of a Brownsburg student at a bus stop on Tuesday morning, has been confirmed by Brownsburg Community School Police Chief Ginnie Wing as a case of mistaken identity, resulting in “an unfortunate misunderstanding”.

    The woman came forward to law enforcement after being made aware of news reports. Wing interviewed her at length and was able to verify the information she provided.

    Wing explained that the suspect believed the child waiting for the bus was another child she knew from that neighborhood, to whom she’d given rides in the past. “In the dark and with the rainy conditions, she said she didn’t realize that it was not the same child until after friends of hers told her about the news reports.”

    The child reported the incident to school officials which prompted a police investigation, notification calls to parents, and media attention.

    Wing said, “It’s unfortunate for everyone involved that what was intended as a kind gesture took this turn. However, we hope parents and teachers took this opportunity to discuss with children ways to keep themselves safe.”

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