• Remodeling at the Brownsburg Town Hall adds some much needed office space

    July 27, 2012 No comments

    Brownsburg Town Hall recently underwent several renovations to create additional office space and make more efficient use of the building’s layout.

    In the Town Manager’s office, a private restroom installed in 2006 was removed to allow for the construction of an additional office to house the Assistant Town Manager. The Town Manager felt that closer proximity of the position would allow for greater interaction and sharing of information leading to a better work environment.


    Renovations in the Clerk-Treasurer’s office created the addition of an extra office space and enclosed the Human Resource Manager’s office to comply with Federal laws on workplace privacy and concerns with HR issues.  The change in the HR office was important to create a place where employees and department heads could discuss sensitive information without fear of being overheard.

    On the first floor, the Utility Office Manager’s space was enlarged to allow for additional needed storage and to accommodate a folding machine used by the utility staff to assemble mailings.

    Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz said, “The original design of Town Hall’s offices just didn’t adequately accommodate the current staff’s needs. As things have changed and progressed over the past seven years, the space needed to be adjusted to stay up with the ever-changing needs of our Town. Now, we not only have additional offices for employees but have also made more efficient use of the space.”

    The remodeling projects cost just over $86,000 to complete and were paid for from the Town’s rainy day fund and from savings realized through two positions being delayed in 2012. In order to make the project more cost-effective Town employees did much of the work, including wiring and the installation of data cable and electrical outlets, saving several thousand dollars in labor costs. Where possible, old portions of the offices such as doors, windows and ceiling tiles were saved to be reused.

    Citizens who would like a tour of the renovations may call the Town Manager’s office at 852-1120 to make an appointment.

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