• Raccoon causes power outage on Indy’s west side

    June 25, 2012 1 comments

    A raccoon was to blame for a power outage on Indianapolis’ west side Sunday night.

    The power outage left over 8,500 residents without power, most of those near the east side of the airport.

    Indianapolis Power and Light reported that a raccoon got into an electric substation and short circuited the system by tripping the circuit breaker.

    IPL further said that the raccoon did not survive.

    Power was restored within thirty minutes.

  • 1 Response to "Raccoon causes power outage on Indy’s west side"

    1. Bridget 26 Jun 2012

      ok if that is what happened the other night when the power went out then what happened last night around 1030 or so when the power went out again for about the same amount of time?

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