• Purported Muslim group claims responsibility for hacking Brownsburg Community School District website

    September 13, 2012 No comments

    Someone claiming to represent the group “All Muslims of the World” hacked into the Brownsburg Community School website Wednesday.

    The school system’s main page was replaced with Arabic writing.

    The text said, “This breakthrough in response to the film and graphics depicting the master of the world may Allah bless him and grant him peace.”

    At the bottom of the hacked webpage, red text declared, “Coming, soon you will hear voices of our swords.”

    Brownsburg Community School District website is currently unavailable.

    The school system released a statement this morning:

    “State and federal agencies are working with Brownsburg Community School Corporation to determine the source of the hacking incident from Wednesday, Sept. 12. What we currently know is that the website was hacked from an outside source and it appears to be a random breach from a party looking for a vulnerable website.

    We have been told that this is not a unique incident and has happened previously on other random and vulnerable sites. Authorities have assured us that there is no direct or indirect threat to Brownsburg Schools, students or staff. All Brownsburg schools are operating as per usual today.

    The website will remain offline until it has been secured to prevent such an incident from occurring again. Parents will be receiving this same information shortly via phone and email and, until the website is restored, parents are encouraged to utilize the BCSC Facebook page for updates.”

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