• Pranksters suspensions revoked

    May 17, 2012 1 comments

    A senior prank involving 10,000 Post-it notes led to a “sticky” situation for Mill Creek Community Schools administrators after the six students who carried out the prank were suspended for two days and over 50 students who protested in support of the six students were themselves suspended.

    The reaction by school administrators not only caused an uproar among the students but with parents and alumni as well.

    Patrick Spray, superintendent of Mill Creek Community Schools, initially ruled that the six pranksters would be suspended from school for two days. The suspensions were not for the posting of the sticky notes, but as Spray explained it was for trespassing on school property after hours and without permission.

    But parents and students insisted that the six students did have permission and went out of their way to make sure that the prank did not harm anyone or cause any damage to property. The students had been given a key to the building by Mill Creek school board member Margaret Weatherman. Weatherman is also the mother of one of the students involved in the prank.

    Kim Rouse is a mother to one of the six students involved in the prank and is also a custodian at Cascade High School. She was present at the time that the students carried out their plan and was on hand to supervise and make sure nothing was done that would harm property.

    After the suspension of the six students was announced, Spray announced that Rouse would be terminated.

    In a meeting this morning between students, parents and school administrators, it was announced that the suspensions of all involved would be reduced or erased completely. The six students that pulled off the prank had their suspensions revoked and the incident erased from their records. The students that had been suspended for failing to return to class as instructed by school administrators had their penalties reduced to an afterschool detention.

    Meanwhile it appears that Rouse will be able to keep her job as it is up to the school board to decide whether or not a school employee should be terminated and it is unlikely that the board will follow Spray’s recommendation.

    Spray told the Indianapolis Star that the actions a board member Margaret Weatherman and custodian Kim Rouse were “completely inappropriate”.

    None of the students involved in either the prank or the protest will be prevented from graduating.

  • 1 Response to "Pranksters suspensions revoked"

    1. Debbie 17 May 2012

      Finally, someone gets some common sense!

      You know, the history of senior pranks goes way back to before my graduation in 1974. And with the violence in HS across America, these board members should be elated that Margaret Weatherman, and Kim Rouse were in on this. My gosh! This was so freaking harmless! Lighten up and be grateful you have sensible kids who aren’t into destruction! My two cents worth.

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