• Postal rallies to take place today

    September 27, 2011 No comments

    13 Postal Rallies are expected to take place throughout the state Tuesday. Postal workers want to make sure consumers know, despite what the USPS says, it does make money.

    The Postal Workers Union has scheduled these rallies because of a mandate they believe could cost up to 120 thousand jobs nationwide. The Union claims the job loss would be caused by the Postal Accountability Act that requires the Post Office pre pay health care benefits for the next 75 years. One possible solution to help pay for the health benefits, would be eliminating Saturday mail delivery, but the Union says that could cost jobs. Workers are now asking Congress to authorize a pay as you go program.

    According to the Union, only three Indiana Congressman have endorsed a proposed change. That falls along party lines with democrats Visclosky, Donnelly and Carson all in favor. There have yet to be any Indiana Republicans come out in favor of the change.

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