• Plainfield stabbing leads to a police chase

    April 21, 2011 No comments

    Police in Hendricks County fired gunshots and used a stun gun to try to stop a stabbing suspect this morning.

    Just before 6 a.m., police say a resident of Maple Grove mobile home park, in the 2400 block of East Main Street in Plainfield, went over to another trailer and stabbed a man. The suspected stabber took off while someone else called 9-1-1.

    Police arrived as the suspect was leaving in a car. Officials say The man used his vehicle to pin in the police car,. At that point, an officer fired shots at the man, but the man took off in his car.

    Avon police put out stop sticks, which forced the man to stop his vehicle near County Road 100 and Dan Jones Road. Police say the man then fled on foot. Police used a stun gun to stop the man, before taking him into custody.

    Dusty Good was taken into police custody. The stabbing victim is at Wishard Hospital. His condition is unknown.

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