• Plainfield Kroger worker helps find robbery suspect

    October 06, 2011 No comments

    A grocery store employee helped police track down a robbery suspect who grabbed cash from a register and ran, Plainfield Police Department officials say.

    Police say 29-year-old Russell Flateau, of Michigan, shoved an employee and grabbed the money out of a cash register at Kroger, 1930 E. Main St., Plainfield.

    The man initially entered the Kroger around 12:30 a.m. Thursday and said he wanted his coins exchanged for larger bills. An employee directed Flateau to a machine he could use which prints out a receipt to present for cash, police say.

    When Flateau presented the receipt to a cashier, she opened the drawer to give him the money. He shoved her, grabbed money and ran out of the store. Police say Flateau wasn’t armed.

    A Kroger worker followed Flateau in a car, and officers eventually set up a perimeter around him. K-9 units helped apprehend him. Flateau and an officer were injured in the events leading up to his arrest. They were both taken to a local hospital for treatment.

    Flateau faces preliminary charges of robbery, theft and battery.

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