• Plainfield agrees to help upgrade county road

    August 24, 2011 No comments

    The Plainfield town council has agreed to help pay for an upgrade to County Road 550 South since the project will help businesses in the area receive deliveries by tractor trailers.

    The main users of the road are employees of Foxconn, F2S, and Sara Lee Corp. Recently, Brightpoint has acquired another business, Touchstone Wireless, and will be expanding its operations in the area.

    The road was built for passenger vehicle traffic. It is not built up to standards to carry tractor trailers filled with products for delivery.

    To keep the tractor trailers off the road, headache bars or barricades were installed over the road to only allow passenger vehicles to pass.

    Chris Scott, a senior vice president of Brightpoint, gave background to the Plainfield Town Council earlier this week. Brightpoint, a global leader in providing supply chain solutions to the wireless industry, has plans to relocate its Touchstone Wireless operations from Bristol, Tenn., and consolidate the operations into its facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, and Plainfield.

    Scott said expanding the company’s operations in Plainfield will entail a $5 million investment into the facility. The facility will be operating with about 275 employees by the end of the year and be on track to have 600 employees by the end of 2012.

    Don McGillem, transportation director for the Town of Plainfield, explained that the upgrade to the road will help make it safer for those employees parking in the area.

    Allowing the trucks to drive further along County Road 550 South will negate the need for them swinging into the parking lot where employees will be parking and walking into the buildings.

    The town has been asked to pay $87,835 for the road changes, which is just a portion of the total cost. Town officials expect the total project cost will exceed $300,000.

    Council members agreed to pay for a portion of the project not to exceed $90,000. The town will be using tax increment financing district funds. These are economic development funds available to local municipalities.

    Scott thanked the council for its help with the project and announced that Brightpoint recently signed another five-year lease and will be staying in its Plainfield Business Center location for years to come.


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