• Pittsboro Police Department receives nearly $150,000 in seized drug assets

    October 10, 2011 No comments

    United States Attorney Joseph H. Hogsett visited Pittsboro last Friday morning to present a check for $145,409.79 to the police department.

    The funds are the result of a joint investigation undertaken by an Indiana DEA Task Force and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Drug Task Force.

    Working off of a tip from an informant, the task force searched an empty trailer leaving the Westside of Indianapolis.

    Hogsett said, “They found $2.4 million in a false ceiling in the trailer. We know the funds were heading to Mexico.”

    The funds were later discovered to be assets of a drug trafficking operation.

    When funds are seized during a drug investigation they are inventoried and then 80 percent are returned to the local and state law enforcement agencies. Those funds are then divided among the agencies who participated in the task force, to help each entity improve local law enforcement.

    Pittsboro Police Chief Christi Patterson said the department became involved with the task force to help the department fund its programs.

    She said it is the intention of the department to replace a 2001 police vehicle with the funds.

    Hogsett told Patterson and town council member Bill Majeske that they should be proud that they had the forethought to get involved with the task force. Former board president Bill Heuber was also on hand for the check presentation. He was on the council when members decided to allow Patterson to assign one of her officers to the task force. The department’s K-9 unit is also a part of the task force.

    Patterson said there are four full-time officers on the Pittsboro Police Department. When one of those officers is being utilized by the task force, the department’s reserves have had to fill the void.

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