• Pileup on I-70 in Plainfield leaves one person dead

    February 01, 2013 No comments

    One person has died as a result of Thursday’s multi-vehicle crash on I-70.

    Police say Harry Sohal, who was taken to Methodist Hospital after the crash, died after 11:00 pm Thursday night. Sohal was in the sleeper of a semi-tractor trailer that was being driven by his father traveling WB on I-70.

    State police this morning in a press release state that there were a total of 23 semi tractor trailer vehicles and 17 passenger vehicles involved in the various crashes that occurred in short proximity to each other. Ten people were injured and transported from the scene to various hospitals.

    Police believe that snow squalls were a contributing factor to the crash when visibility declined rapidly and drivers slowed rapidly but at different rates thus resulting in the numerous collisions. There were a total of 23 vehicles involved in the crashes on west bound I-70 and 17 vehicles involved in the crashes on east bound I-70.

    Investigators said it could be days before they know exactly what happened to trigger the massive pile-up around 2 p.m.

    Three elephants were also involved in the crash.

    Police say one of the tractor-trailers that slid off the roadway at the crash scene was hauling the animals. The elephants were off-loaded from the trailer by their trainer.

    Once the semi was pulled back onto the highway, the elephants were re-loaded into the trailer.

    Police say none of the elephants were injured in the incident and were never loose or running free.

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