• Peter Miller wins S24 caucus

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    A highly competitive caucus that lasted seven rounds concluded inDanvillewith Peter Miller, former Hendricks County GOP chairman and current Fourth Congressional District chairman edging out Kelli Waggoner in the Indiana Senate District 24 caucus that took place Saturday.

    Bart Doan of The Hendricks County Flyer reports that Miller took the majority of the 92 votes over Waggoner, president of KWK Management Group, 51-41. The caucus started with 93 voters and nine candidates eligible for to be voted on. Each candidate was allowed to speak to the group of voters before voting began.

    The candidates were there to replace Connie Lawson, whose term will be up at the end of the year. She vacated the seat after being named secretary of state by Gov. Mitch Daniels in the wake of Charlie White being forced out of the position after being convicted of voter fraud.

    Because the deadline to withdraw her name from the ballot had passed, a second caucus will be conducted later this summer to replace Lawson with another candidate on the ballot for the November election.

    The voting started out with Dennis Dawes, former CEO of Hendricks Regional Health in the lead with 20 votes. Dawes made it to the second to last vote, dropping out of his own accord.

    Because of redistricting, Senate District 24 will have different boundaries as of this year. The precinct committeemen from the current district’s boundaries voted in this election while the committeemen from the new district will vote in the second caucus. They’ll be elected on May 8.

    The new district will come to include Union,EelRiver, and Middle townships while droppingGuilfordandLibertytownships.

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