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  • Indianapolis Man Arrested for DUI with 5 Children in his Car

    April 10, 2017 No comments

    Indianapolis, IN – An Indianapolis man is in jail after driving under the influence of alcohol with his five children in the car.

    April 9th at approximately 11:30 p.m. 39 year old Bawi Lian drew the attention of Homecroft Police Officer Dave Hodge when he struck the curb on Madison Avenue. After allegedly striking the curb at least twice, Lian’s 2009 Chevrolet Traverse came to a stop at a red light at Banta Road. When the light turned green the Traverse sat stationary in the roadway for nearly 20 seconds. Officer Hodge turned on his emergency lights at which time Lian began driving north on Madison Avenue for approximately one mile before coming to a stop. Trooper Cameron Bottema was in the area and responded to assist, and at the request of Officer Hodge, Bottema took over the investigation.

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  • Inventory Industry Trailblazers Earn Second Certification in Avon

    March 30, 2017 No comments

    AVON, Indiana – March 30, 3017 – Personal property inventory professionals Mike and Cindy Hartman have been labeled leaders, innovators, front-runners, and trailblazers, to name a few. Their contribution to the contents inventory industry began in 2004 when starting their inventory service business and continues today, having recently achieved their Certified Appraisal Examiner (CAE) designation. Major accomplishments were achieved between then and now.

    The Hartmans started their journey over a decade ago when they established Hartman Inventory, a home inventory service focused on disaster preparedness and recovery. Having documentation of what you own prior to a loss from fire, natural disaster, or theft assists the policyholder to receive a more equitable insurance claim. Their service expanded a year later into providing business asset inventories, and responding to requests from attorneys, estate inventories were soon added to their list of services. They now include a variety of niches to fill the many times one requires a record of their contents. The two most recent inventory services are Collections Inventories and Appraisal Examiner, the latter for which they each achieved the Appraisal Examiner Certification.

    The word innovators cropped up after years of honing their inventory process. Seeing the need to help others enter the industry without the long trial-and-error period most new business owners face, they founded Nationwide Inventory Professionals. This License Agreement includes a comprehensive marketing package, certification, a manual consisting of proven processes they developed, and an extensive library of downloadable templates. Possibly the most important ingredients for their Licensees are their intellectual property and continued mentoring and coaching as they share their knowledge gained over the years.

    When the Hartmans see a need, they find a way to address it. The term leaders in the industry rings true, as they are now helping to establish a cohesive industry through their roles as Executive and Managing Directors of the National Inventory Certification Association (NICA). With assistance from appraisal professionals, NICA developed the Appraisal Examiner Certification. This new designation helps expand the scope of the inventory industry by establishing recognition for this specialized service. Appraisal firms can now locate certified, qualified examiners to fill a need for assistance in collecting the information for the appraisals, and the CAEs have additional opportunities to grow their businesses.

    From starting as a husband-and-wife team of inventory providers, to developing a company to coach and help others learn the industry, to supporting an entire industry, it would be appropriate to add front-runners to their resumes. They are truly embedded in the personal property inventory industry.

    Taking this leadership role seriously, Mike stated, “We must lead by example. If we don’t place importance on continued education and industry certification, then we aren’t doing the industry justice. It was a very fragmented industry years ago. We are pleased to be a part of bringing the individual business owners together to establish a cohesiveness that will serve all inventory professionals well.”

    Choosing to add CAE to the already-earned Certified Inventory Expert designation, the Hartmans show commitment to their goal of excellence. As Cindy stated, “Being involved with NICA’s Continuing Education Program, and maintaining the earned designations, we remain current within the industry. This is the key for professionalism. We do this for ourselves, for credibility for Hartman Inventory, for our Nationwide Inventory Professionals Licensees, and for the members of NICA.”

    Ultimately, the appraisers and the direct clients who contract home and business inventory services are the ones receiving the benefits from the growth of this industry. Visit their websites to learn more about Hartman Inventory, Nationwide Inventory Professionals, and National Inventory Certification Association.

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  • Image Pros, LLC Merges with Peoples Promotions, Inc.

    March 29, 2017 No comments

    BROWNSBURG, IN – Promotional products firms, Image Pros, LLC and Peoples Promotions, Inc., have merged effective January, 2017 and will continue business under the Image Pros, LLC name.

    Peoples Promotions, Inc. was established by Donovan Peoples in 1993. Peoples Promotions is especially known for being a provider of branded apparel, promotional items and gifts, and customized trophies and awards. The company primarily served businesses and individuals in Hendricks County and on the west side of Indianapolis.

    Image Pros, LLC began operations in Brownsburg in 2009 headed by Bruce Steinman. Steinman started the business after more than 20 years of advertising, marketing, technology, and management experience. Image Pros services the broader metropolitan Indianapolis area.

    Friendly competitors, the two owners found they shared the same values when it comes to work ethic and customer service. Both men bring deep wells of experience and expertise when it comes to marketing and delivering products that meet the needs, and exceed the expectations, of their clients. Their shared values were the basis for the eventual merger of their two companies.

    After twenty-four years, Peoples was interested in taking a reduced role in his business, but was not interested in letting down any of his customers. Steinman has been growing Image Pros year over year and was interested in an opportunity to expand his business into Hendricks County and the west side of Indianapolis.

    About the merger, Peoples said, “In addition to continuing the tradition of excellent service and experience, Image Pros brings a network of national relationships that will provide my customers with new product and service options at even more competitive prices.”

    Steinman’s background in technology and corporate business contributes to the way Image Pros operates and the services available to his customers. Products and programs can be accessed and orders processed online and the company can help clients establish company stores online as well. “I want to keep it easy for my clients,” Steinman said.

    Image Pros specializes in developing custom programs and solutions based on the client’s desired outcomes. Steinman said, “It is important to me and my business that I not have a pre-determined idea of what a client needs. I listen to what they want to achieve. It might be more sales, customer retention, employee recognition or awards, or lead generation. We then devise the strategy that best fits their brand, their desired outcome, and their budget.”

    While he says Image Pros is a one-stop-shop for many, Steinman emphasizes that it is by no means a one-size-fits-all provider.

    Peoples says he is confident that the people with whom he has built strong professional and personal relationships with over the life of Peoples Promotions will be well served by Image Pros. Steinman is excited for the new challenge and opportunity the merger brings Image Pros and looks forward to continuing the legacy of excellence Peoples Promotions has built.


    Image Pros, LLC was established in 2009 by Brownsburg resident, Bruce Steinman. More than a product provider, Steinman’s goal is for Image Pros to provide clients with creative and innovative promotional solutions that fit their unique brand, budget and business goals. All areas of the business are considered from sales and lead generation to those related to employee relations and retention. For more information, contact Bruce Steinman at 317-489-6530, via email at Bruce@ImageProsMarketing.com or go to www.ImageProsOnline.com.


    Peoples Promotion, Inc. began operations in 1993 and was owned and operated by Donovan Peoples. Peoples Promotions specialized in imprinted promotional items for businesses, organizations, and special events. To contact Donovan Peoples or Peoples Promotions, Inc., call 317-271-7711.

  • HENDRICKS COUNTY RANKS SECOND IN 2017 COUNTY HEALTH RANKINGS Positive, Negative Changes in Outcomes and Factors Show Areas for Improvement

    March 29, 2017 No comments

    HENDRICKS COUNTY – For the fifth year in a row, Hendricks County ranks as the second healthiest county in Indiana based on the 2017 County Health Rankings.

    “I’m pleased to see Hendricks County ranked, once again, as one of the healthiest counties in Indiana,” says Dr. David Stopperich, Hendricks County Health Officer. “However, we still have a lot of work to do to improve health in the county.”

    The 2017 report shows some positive changes in Hendricks County, including a decrease in the percentage of adults who are physically inactive, less preventable hospital stays, fewer alcohol-impaired driving deaths, a lower rate of unemployment, an increase in adults with health insurance coverage, and an increase in the number of primary care physicians in the county.

    Despite the good news, other factors highlighted in the report show causes for concern and needs for further investigation. Despite a decrease in the percentage of residents who are physically inactive, adult obesity is still on the rise. Along with this, diabetes prevalence has also risen slightly. Lastly, similar to what many other Indiana counties are facing, drug related overdose deaths remain a concern.

    “There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to improve health in Hendricks County,” says Jenna Meadows, Public Health Education Specialist at the Hendricks County Health Department and Coordinator of the Hendricks County Health Partnership. Meadows states that the Partnership released the 2016 Hendricks County Community Health Assessment last year, which highlights the issues preventing county residents from living long and healthy lives, and the 2016 Hendricks County Community Health Improvement Plan, which established a three-year action plan to address health improvement priority areas identified in the assessment.

    “The five priority areas identified in the Community Health Assessment were physical activity and nutrition, accessing and utilizing health care, substance abuse, mental wellness, and tobacco use. Our partners, which include representatives from local hospitals, health care, mental health and social service providers, community agencies, schools, and many others, are currently working through the Community Health Improvement Plan,” states Meadows. For more information about the Partnership’s assessment, improvement plan, or work groups, visit the Partnership’s website at www.hendrickshealthpartnership.org.

    The full 2017 rankings report can be found online at www.countyhealthrankings.org. For more information about the Hendricks County Health Partnership, or other public health initiatives, contact the Hendricks County Health Department at (317) 745-9618.

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  • Local Domino’s® Stores Partner with Brownsburg Fire Territory and Washington Township Avon Fire Department to Promote Fire Safety

    March 03, 2017 No comments

    Hendricks County, March 2, 2017 – Brownsburg and Avon Domino’s stores are teaming up with Brownsburg Fire Territory and Washington Township Avon Fire Department, respectively, to promote fire safety around daylight saving time.

    On March 6 – 7 from 5 – 7 p.m., anyone who orders a Domino’s pizza from those stores may be randomly selected and surprised at the door when their pizza arrives aboard a fire engine. If the smoke alarms in the home are working, the pizza is free. If the smoke alarms are not working, the firefighters will replace the batteries.

    “Fire safety is extremely important,” said Brynn Mueller, Brownsburg and Avon Domino’s community relations coordinator. “We’re very excited to partner with NFPA and Brownsburg Fire Territory for a program that not only promotes the safety of our friends and neighbors, but rewards those who make fire safety a priority.”

    “When you change your clocks for daylight saving time, it’s a great time to remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarms as well,” said Larry Alcorn, Brownsburg Fire Territory fire chief. “Functioning smoke alarms save lives, but many people forget to replace old batteries. We are excited to team up with Domino’s to promote fire safety tips and reward residents who have properly installed and functioning smoke alarms with a free, delicious pizza.”

    Customers can call Brownsburg Domino’s at 317-852-6222 or Avon Domino’s at 317-272-3050 to place their order and be eligible for the fire engine delivery.

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  • Brownsburg Police Respond to a Person Pointing a Firearm Call; One Suspect Shot by Police

    February 21, 2017 No comments

    Brownsburg, IN – Just before 9:30p.m. on February 20th, 2017, the Brownsburg Police Department received a 911 call of a person pointing a firearm at another person on Ashwood Circle in Brownsburg. Prior to their arrival, police were informed the suspects had left in a white Cadillac Escalade. Responding officers spotted the Cadillac at the intersection of Main Street and O’Dell Street and subsequently stopped that vehicle. The Cadillac was occupied by two males and one female.

    The Indiana State Police were requested by Brownsburg Police Chief Grimes to investigate this incident. At this point investigators are able to determine:

    During the traffic stop a physical altercation took place between police and one male occupant of the vehicle
    A taser was deployed by police during the altercation
    Shots were fired by police
    The subject in the altercation with police, 28 year old Julio Serrano of Illinois, suffered a single gunshot wound to the torso and was transported to Eskenazi Hospital. He is currently in surgery and his condition is unknown.
    31 year old Marek Mikolajczyc, the other male occupant of the vehicle, was taken into custody by police.
    Brittani Griebahn, the female in the vehicle, fled the scene on foot and is currently at large
    A handgun was recovered at the scene
    No officers were injured

    Indiana State Police Crime Scene Investigators are currently processing the scene and detectives are speaking with witnesses. This is an ongoing investigation with only preliminary information available at this time.

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  • The Hendricks County Community Foundation Welcomes New Board Members and Officers

    January 12, 2017 No comments

    The Hendricks County Community Foundation is excited to announce our new Officers and Members of the Board. Elected unanimously at the Annual Meeting in December are:

    Steve Eichenberger, CPA – Board Chair; He is the Managing Partner of BGBC Partners LLP, a CPA and advisory firm in Indianapolis. A resident of Plainfield, Steve has served on the HCCF Board for five years and on the Executive Committee for four years.
    Jerry Orem – Treasurer; Jerry is a Vice President at Hendricks County Bank and Trust. A resident of Brownsburg, he has been a member of the HCCF Board for two years.
    Ryan Tanselle, JD – Secretary; Ryan is an attorney with Capper, Tulley & Reimondo. A resident of Brownsburg, he has served on the Board for two years and is a past HCCF Lilly Endowment Community Scholar.
    Mike Arnould – Board Member; Mike is the Executive Director of the Brownsburg Chamber of Commerce. A resident of Brownsburg, he has been a member of the HCCF Board of Advisors for four years.

    Pete Moyer – Board Member; Pete is Vice President and CFO of the State Bank of Lizton. A resident of Brownsburg, he has been a member of the Board of Advisors for two years.

    Sherri Reagin, CPA – Board Member; Sherri is the CFO of North Salem State Bank. A resident of Danville, Sherri brings nonprofit organization experience to HCCF. She is also an avid IU basketball fan.

    Shane Sommers – Board Member; Shane is the Executive Director of Professional Services Administration at Hendricks Regional Health. A resident of Avon, he has been a member of the Board of Advisors for two years.

    “I am excited for the new Board and Officer appointments for 2017,” said William Rhodehamel, President/CEO of the Community Foundation. “We are very fortunate at HCCF to have a wonderful group of individuals that give of their time and talents to make our organization successful in our work in Hendricks County. Our volunteers are the driving force of what we do at HCCF, and it is an honor to serve our community alongside them.”

    The Hendricks County Community Foundation partners with generous people to realize their charitable goals while addressing community needs in meaningful and lasting ways. The Community Foundation manages assets of over $12 million in a collection of funds created by individuals, families, businesses and organizations for charitable purposes. In 2016, the Community Foundation gave over $650,000 in grants to charitable organizations and scholarships to local students. For more information, call 317-268-6240 or visit www.hendrickscountycf.org.

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  • Indiana State Police Calls Patriot Majority USA Allegations Completely False

    October 15, 2016 No comments

    Indiana State Police Calls Patriot Majority USA Allegations Completely False; Has Uncovered Intentional Acts of Fraud and Will Protect the Integrity of the Election and Every Citizen’s Right to Vote

    In response to accusations by Patriot Majority USA of voter suppression efforts and civil rights violations by the Indiana State Police (ISP), the ISP issued the following statement:

    “Every allegation by Patriot Majority USA against the Indiana State Police is completely false. In fact, it is clear from evidence documented to date that we have uncovered intentional acts of fraud by representatives of Patriot Majority USA,” said Captain David Bursten, Chief Public Information Office for the Indiana State Police. “The Indiana State Police is charged with enforcing the laws of the state of Indiana and we are determined to protect the integrity of the election and every citizen’s right to vote.”

    In late August, Hendricks County Voter Registration Officials received voter application forms that appeared to be fraudulent or forged and they contacted the Indiana State Police. Per standard protocol, the ISP then made a courtesy notification to the Indiana Secretary of State’s office that it had initiated an investigation that has since expanded to 56 Indiana counties.

    Important points related to this ongoing investigation include:

    The possible fraudulent or false information is a combination of made up names and made up addresses, real names with made up or incorrect addresses and false dates of births with real names as well as combinations of all these examples.
    The expanded number of counties involved leads investigators to believe the total of potentially fraudulent records may be in the thousands, thus creating a potential to disenfranchise many voters
    A representative sample of voter registration applications received by county voter registration offices suspected of being fraudulent have been COPIED and provided to state police detectives. In all cases the ORIGINAL applications are maintained by the appropriate voter registration office
    When the search warrant was executed on October 4, copies were made of voter application forms and the originals were left with representatives of Indiana Voter Registration Project, a subsidiary of Patriot Majority USA
    In accordance with state law, all voter registration applications received by Indiana voter registration offices are processed according to established policies

    There are simple steps citizens can take to confirm they are properly registered by visiting this site: https://indianavoters.in.gov

    If after checking this source, a citizen discovers inaccurate information that indicates they could be a victim, they should contact their local voter registration office and the 24-hour Indiana State Police Voter Registration Application Fraud tip line of 888-603-3147.

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  • Rokita Encourages Voter Fraud Investigation

    October 12, 2016 No comments

    Washington, D.C. – United States Congressman and former Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, who helped write and then implemented Indiana’s landmark voter ID law and voter registration reforms, praises the Indiana State Police for their investigation and Secretary of State for her work in the face of baseless claims of racism.

    “As Indiana’s former chief elections officer, I fought hard to protect the integrity of every Hoosier’s vote, and am glad to see the Indiana State Police and Secretary Lawson doing the same now.  Hoosiers are fortunate to have a robust voting system in place and should be confident that this type of activity will not affect their votes.  The cornerstone of the system is photo ID, but also includes other reforms like certified forms, a successfully implemented statewide voter file and photo ID for in-person absentee voting.  Incidents like this demonstrate that we need strong voter ID laws and should consider expanding that requirement to the mail-in absentee ballot process.”

    Rokita, while serving as Secretary of State, created a statewide voter file with safeguards that helped to catch false registrants.  During his tenure, Rokita pursued multiple reforms to combat voter fraud, such as updating voter registration forms to include an affidavit to be signed by anyone assisting or submitting a form for someone else.  Rokita investigated and deputized individuals to monitor the 2007 East Chicago primary election following rampant voter fraud, and also led an investigation into false registrants coming from ACORN, a voter registration group, prompting actions to secure the registration process.

    To speak with Representative Rokita on election law, voter ID, absentee voting, and other subjects please contact Luke Bunting at 202-763-5601.

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  • Rokita Supports 9/11 Bill, Votes to Overturn Obama Veto

    September 29, 2016 No comments

    Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Todd Rokita issued a statement after voting in favor of overturning President Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).

    “The House and Senate took a historic step towards restoring the checks and balances of our government by taking a hard line against President Obama’s senseless veto.  Fifteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks killed nearly 3,000 Americans, this bill allows the families of the victims to pursue justice and finally present their case in our nation’s courts.”

    JASTA amends federal law to allow civil claims against foreign countries involved in acts of terrorism perpetrated on United States soil.  The measure to overturn the veto passed the House by a vote of 348 to 77, with one member voting present.

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