• Pacer fans optimism dashed by NBA lockout

    July 01, 2011 No comments

    The Indiana Pacers have been a team on the rise. This past season saw the emergence of several players as regular contributors such as Tyler Hansbrough, Roy Hibbert and Darren Collison. The steady play of Danny Granger and the first playoff appearance since 2006 for the Pacers had fans believing that Indiana was once again poised to make regular runs in to the post season. Add the draft day trade with San Antonio that brought George Hill back to his home town and there was every reason for fans to be optimistic about the Pacers future.

    Now all that is on hold as the NBA owners have locked out the players at 12:01 this morning when neither side could reach a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement. Of course the central issue in negotiations has been all about money with the owners claiming that 22 of the NBA’s 30 teams lost money last season. Owner’s are asking the players to give back substantial monies with regards to salaries and shared revenue. Owner’s also want to rework provisions of the previous CBA to allow the owners to keep more of the money.

    The Players Union would like things to remain as they are as any new CBA will likely find players making less than they are now under the current CBA.

    The lockout means that two of the four major United States professional leagues are currently shut down due to labor issues. The NFL is now entering the fourth month of its owner imposed lockout in a dispute that has been at times nasty and confrontational. But recent reports have shown signs of progress that give fans hope that the upcoming season may be played with little disruption.

    The NBA lockout though may prove to be even more divisive than their football brethren as both sides are far apart in terms of coming to any sort of compromise. The likelihood is high that the upcoming season may have to be shortened or could be wiped out all together.

    For Pacer fans excited by the prospect of the new season that was set to begin in October, it may prove to be a long wait before the Blue and Gold are back on the court again.


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