• One month later, Cascade sticky note prank still raises controversy

    June 15, 2012 No comments

    Cascade High School parents remain outraged nearly a month after dozens of students were suspended and a custodian was fired over a senior prank that involved posting thousands of press-and-stick notes inside the school.

    The school district lifted the punishment a few days after the prank, and the suspension will not be reflected on the students’ records. Custodian Kim Rouse also recently got her job back.

    Even so, parents are calling for the resignation of Mill Creek Community School Superintendent Patrick Spray and Cascade High School Principal Cathy Tooley.

    Parents showed up at the School Board meeting Wednesday evening with a signed petition calling for a change in leadership. Robert Canaday, whose son was one of the first students suspended, said there were about 15 to 20 pages of signatures.

    Parents said school administrators overreacted when they suspended six high school students after they posted 11,000 sticky notes last month in various places inside the school building as part of their traditional senior prank. They said school officials went overboard, firing Rouse the next day and suspending about 60 other students who protested in front of the school.

    Canaday said a total of 68 students were suspended. He said parents are still concerned about Rouse, who lost 11 days of pay.

    Although she has her job back, the district’s punishment will be on her record permanently.

    In an earlier interview with The Indianapolis Star, Spray said it was “completely inappropriate” for Rouse to let students into the building outside school hours. But students and Rouse said that wasn’t the case. A School Board member, they said, gave them the key and authorization to get inside the building.

    At the School Board meeting, Canaday said parents tried to discuss their concerns with Spray and the board members but he said that effort was “by far, unsuccessful.”

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