• Officials investigate human remains found in Brownsburg

    July 23, 2013 No comments

    Hendricks County officials are investigating after human bones were found in Brownsburg Monday morning. The bones were found in a sealed well drum on a vacant property off Maloney Road, near the Hendricks-Marion county line, and the coroner’s office confirmed the bones are human.

    The Hendricks County Sherriff’s department said a man who recently purchased the property about a month ago was clearing it off Monday when he found the skeletal remains inside the cylinder. A person stopped by to purchase the drum for scrap metal, and he and the landowner found the remains inside and called police.

    Police said the remains appear to be male based on the clothing found with the bones. Hendricks County officials believe the remains have been in the drum for years, but authorities said the drum may have been dumped on the property more recently based on conversations with witnesses.

    Forensics experts from the University of Indianapolis have been called to the scene and said they would take the remains with them to work in conjunction with the Hendricks County Coroner’s office. Coroner Joe Neuman isn’t sure if he’ll be able to confirm an identity.

    Officials said this case did not match any open missing person’s case in Hendricks County so officials would be reaching out to Marion County officials.

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