• Number of cases of measles in Indiana is growing

    February 15, 2012 No comments

    The number of confirmed cases of measles in central Indiana is growing. There are now 13 cases and doctors are alerting you to take action.

    The state is also releasing an extensive list of places people may have come in contact with the disease. The places include the Noblesville Wal-Mart, a funeral home in Cicero, a church, clinics, and schools. There are more than a dozen spots.

    Doctors say all of the measles outbreaks have been isolated to Boone and Hamilton Counties so far. They say the key is isolating those who are still contagious, but also making sure you and your children are vaccinated against the measles.

    Schools where there has been exposure are setting up vaccination clinics.

    State Health Commissioner Dr. Gregory Larkin says, “Surprisingly there are still children and adults that have not taken advantage of this highly safe vaccine to protect themselves against measles.”

    Starting Wednesday the state department of health will answer your questions through a special hotline. Just call 1-877-826-0011 Monday through Friday.

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