• NFL blackout rule revisited

    February 14, 2012 No comments

    With a 2-14 season in the books and the prospects of a total rebuilding of the team on the horizon, Indianapolis Colts fans may experience something that they haven’t in a very long time, the end of sell-outs at Lucas Oil Stadium and the ability of local fans to watch the home Colts games on TV. But a decades old rule requiring local teams to black out home games if they do not sell-out within 72 hours of kick-off is now getting a new look.

    Most people weighing in on the sports blackout rule are urging the Federal Communications Commission to scrap it.

    The FCC is considering a proposal to rescind the rule, which bars cable and satellite systems from carrying a sporting event that is blacked out on local broadcast television stations. The rule has effectively reinforced the NFL’s own policy, which blacks out games in home markets that aren’t sold out 72 hours ahead of time.

    Monday was the deadline for public comments on a petition by the Sports Fans Coalition to rescind the rule. The agency has received about 100 comments, and most favor the petition. Many argue that taxpayers have helped pay for the stadiums and should not have their home games blacked out.

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