• New Year…new Brownsburg Town Council

    January 02, 2012 No comments

    Sunday rang in a new year and a new look to Brownsburg’s Town Council as three members were sworn in including two new members. Rob Kendall and Don Spencer became the newest members of the council as both have waited since the May primaries to officially take their places on the dais. Spencer defeated former Council President Matt Bowles while Kendall unseated long time council member Bill Guanary. Dwayne Sawyer was also sworn in as he began his second term as a councilman for Ward 4 where he ran unopposed.

    Sawyer, Kendall and Spencer will join Dave Richardson and Gary Hood as they will comprise the new town council. One of their first duties will be to elect a council president to replace Matt Bowles. The position will be filled by one of the three senior members of the council comprised of Sawyer, Richardson or Hood.

    Each of the newly sworn in members had a chance to speak to those who had assembled for the New Years Day ceremony to give their thanks to those who had elected them and also to thank those who had supported them through what was at times a very contentious and derisive campaign back in the spring. It also gave each of the new council members an opportunity to let the residents of Brownsburg know what they can expect from this year’s make and model of the town council.

    Rob Kendall, who unseated longtime council member Bill Guanary in a landslide after a bitter campaign, spoke of the need to put the people first ahead of the government and of the need for a fundamental change in philosophy in how the council should prioritize the needs of the people over the needs of government. Kendall also talked about how he would respond to those needs and what the council could expect from its newest member letting everyone know that he doesn’t intend to go around or over the wall of issues but instead will run straight through it to get to them.

    Don Spencer begins his first term on the council also looking to tackle some of the issues that face Brownsburg and talked about what his focus will be in the upcoming year including issues in regards to annexation and trying to lure new business to Brownsburg while focusing on retaining current businesses.

    Dwayne Sawyer became a senior council member with his reelection and also became eligible for the position of Town Council President. After listening to the two newest members of the council speak, Sawyer took a moment to express his optimistic outlook to the new council makeup stating he was excited with the new makeup and liked the passion and enthusiasm the new members will bring.

    First order of business for the new council will be an executive session meeting on Wednesday to discuss real estate items. For more on the new Brownsburg Town Council makeup and plans, join Shane Ray this Saturday and every Saturday at 10:00 AM for Plain Speaking: The Brownsburg Town Council Show.

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