• New vehicles are on the Plainfield Police Departments wish list

    January 17, 2013 No comments

    The Town of Plainfield will be replacing 12 vehicles for the administrative team at the Plainfield Police Department.

    Brenda Holmes story in the Hendricks County Flyer reports that Darel Krieger, the newly appointed chief of police, asked the Plainfield town council to move forward with the bid process.

    Clerk-treasurer Wes Bennett said in the recent past the town has been using the state’s bid for new vehicles.

    Council President Robin Brandgard said, “We have tried and tried to use local dealers but we just cannot get the deal the state can get us.”

    The cars due to be replaced are used by the administrative team at the department, as well as for the K-9 units.

    Brandgard asked Krieger to also look at alternative fuel vehicles.

    Krieger said he would include hybrid and other energy efficient vehicles in his search during the bid process.

    The council gave the department permission to move forward on the vehicle replacement project.

    Bennett told the council and Krieger that the work done on the proposal was “exactly what we were looking for.”

    Krieger said Capt. Eric Lees had helped prepare the proposal for the council.

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