• New laws set to take hold on July 1st

    June 30, 2011 No comments

    Tomorrow is not only July 1st and the beginning of a long holiday weekend for most people, it is also the day when new laws created during the last legislative session go in to effect. Whether you are a driver who texts behind the wheel or a senior citizen fed up with being asked to prove you are old enough to buy a six-pack these laws will affect you.

    Some notable new laws include a law against texting while driving. Drivers will be prohibited from typing, sending or reading text messages or emails on cell phones, unless on hands-free or voice-operated devices.

    The law requiring stores to check ID’s for all consumers buying alcohol has been reworded to mandate that checking ID’s are only required for customers who look under the age of 40.

    High school athletes who suffer a concussion will not be able to participate until a qualified health professional can evaluate the athlete and provide, in writing, permission to return to the game.

    The days of pedestrians automatically having the right of way when crossing some intersections are over. A new state law says Motorists do not have to yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks if the “pedestrian hybrid beacon” is not flashing. In that system, a pedestrian pushes a button when they want to cross, activating the system that first flashes yellow and finally red to alerts motorists to stop.

    And those who are unemployed and want to take advantage of Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development WorkOne program will be required to take and pass a drug test in order to sign up for training programs. The same legislation also requires the state to suspend unemployment benefits to anyone who refuses to take or who fails a drug test required by an employer.


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