• National Public Safety Telecommunications Week – April 9 to 15, 2017

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    In 1991 Congress proclaimed the second full week in April to be National Public Safety Telecommunications Week to recognize the importance of those special individuals who coordinate the efforts of police, fire, and EMS workers. Governor Eric J. Holcomb has proclaimed the week of April 9-15 as Public Safety Telecommunications Week in Indiana. Indiana has recognized this week since 1999.

    Telecommunications operators are the unsung heroes of public safety. They operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These are the men and women who collect the initial information and pass it along to the first responders in the field. Often they are able to give immediate lifesaving directions to the caller during medical emergencies or can be the calming voice to reassure the victim of a violent crime that help is on the way.

    All Indiana State Police Telecommunications Operators must pass a written test, a typing test, appear before an interview board, and go through a background investigation before being hired. Once employed they must endure several weeks of training and continuous in-service training throughout their careers to maintain certifications on the latest communications technology and procedures.

    Telecommunications operators working from Regional Dispatch Center V, at the Indianapolis State Police Post, are responsible for dispatching troopers working in twenty-one counties across central Indiana.

    Region V Telecommunications Operators Telecommunications

    Regional Manager Jill Schmidt
    Telecommunications Regional Supervisor Amy Day
    Telecommunications Regional Supervisor Beth Roberts
    Telecommunications Regional Supervisor Jason McIntyre
    Telecommunications Operator Bobbi Branson
    Telecommunications Operator Nicholas Blackard
    Telecommunications Operator Azia Ellis Singleton
    Telecommunications Operator Katrina Wright
    Telecommunications Operator Beverly Wojtkowski
    Telecommunications Operator Bryce Bledsoe
    Telecommunications Operator Bryce Viehweg
    Telecommunications Operator Teresa Donnar
    Telecommunications Operator Donna Schultz
    Telecommunications Operator Leah Stauffer
    Telecommunications Operator Brandy Coomer
    Telecommunications Operator Tyler Swardson
    Telecommunications Operator Amie Vasques
    Telecommunications Operator Michael Erwin
    Telecommunications Operator Monda Heath

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