• Motorists deal with rush hour mess

    January 13, 2012 No comments

    It might not have been a lot of snow, but motorists had to navigate tricky road conditions in some areas this morning.

    Up to 3 inches of snow fell in portions of central Indiana as temperatures plunged into the teens, creating a challenge for road crews and motorists.

    There were no serious crashes in central Indiana attributed to the snow, but there were several fender benders.

    Conditions were much worse in northern Indiana, where up to 9 inches of snow fell late Thursday and early Friday.

    The Indianapolis Department of Public Works said it put a full slate of more than 100 drivers on the road during the snow, and the Indiana Department of Transportation also has crews on the highways.

    Road conditions should improve through the day, though they won’t be helped by temperatures overing around 20 degrees.

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