• Monument Circle statue taken down after 118 years to be refurbished

    April 25, 2011 No comments

    The 19,000 pound Bronze statue at the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Indianapolis’ Monument Circle came down Saturday to be refurbished. XRB’s Shane Ray was there to see the statue on a flatbed truck as it was taken to Stoutfield in Indianapolis to start the process.

    An IMPD officer told XRB that the arms of the statue were supposed to be removed for transport, but that idea was dismissed because the work crew was way behind schedule. Two factors played a role in the delay. One was the windy and wet weather experienced all day Saturday.

    The other was a compliment to the original crew who placed the statue on the monument in 1893. The bolts that held it on were, to quote a worker at the site, “put on there to stay”. The crew plans to have the statue back on top of the Monument in time for the Circle of Lights event in November.

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