• Mandatory water restrictions for Brownsburg begins today

    July 16, 2012 No comments

    The Town of Brownsburg has declared a water emergency and issued a mandatory restriction on the use of water for non-essential purposes, including a ban on lawn watering. The restrictions begin today and apply to all Brownsburg municipal water customers.

    The Town issued a voluntary request for water conservation in mid-June due to the high heat and extended lack of rain. The mandatory watering ban will be in effect until the amount of rainfall and cooler temperatures allow Brownsburg’s water towers to maintain adequate levels.

    An exception will be allowed for businesses that rely on water, such as nurseries and car washes, and Brownsburg School’s in-season athletic fields. The Town will also allow limited watering of flowers, vegetable gardens, trees younger than 5 years old, and recently-installed sod. Customers are asked to water those only by container or hand-held hose with a shutoff nozzle.

    For more information, residents can visit the town’s website at www.brownburg.org. Residents may also report violations through the Town’s online Action Center on the town’s website using the General Contact Form.

    Brownsburg municipal code allows for a fine up to $300 for any instance violating the emergency water usage restrictions.

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