• Late Morning Fire at Brownsburg McDonalds

    January 27, 2011 No comments

    As snow flurries started to spit in Brownsburg, the McDonald’s crew on Green Street in Brownsburg was preparing for the lunch rush when a fire broke out on the restaurants fryer. Shane Ray went to the scene and spoke to Brownsburg Fire Territory information officer Stephanie Martindale:

    Martindale: At about 9:55 this morning, the Brownsburg Fire Territory was called out by the crew at the McDonald’s here on Green Street. One of the employees at the drive thru window and noticed that one of the fryers they were warming up for lunch had flames coming from it. A couple of employees tried to put the fire out – it didn’t work. When fire crews got here, they were able to pull the fryer outside of the building and extinguish the fire.

    Martindale said only one small injury was reported but the injury did not require professional medical treatment.


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