• Kendall Throws Name Into the Hat For Brownsburg Town Council Seat

    January 24, 2011 No comments

    Brownsburg resident Rob Kendall has announced his candidacy for Brownsburg Town Council in ward #3 . The 27 year old Kendall stopped by the XRB studios this morning to explain why he felt the need to run.


    Shane it was a great day today. As of 8:15 this morning I have officially filed to be a candidate of Brownsburg Town Council ward # 3 in the May 3rd Republican primary. One of the things we’ve spent the last several months doing is talking with people and listening to them and what their concerns are. One of those things that has become somewhat obvious is with our town council is there seems to be somewhat of a disconnect with a lot of our different constituency or communities. We’ve seen it a lot with our business community with the sign and zoning ordinance that their not happy with. Another thing is the younger people not feeling like their being listened to in terms of the town of Brownsburg and moving the town forward. It’s really easy to live in your town but how do you drive the community forward, how do we make this a sustainable community for those sort of people? We need to seriously focus on economic development that will make this not only make a better community but a more affordable community for our residents in which to live.

    The ward #3 seat is presently held by Bill Guarnery. Guarnery is the longest serving member of the current Brownsburg Town Council.

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