• ISP Warns Grandparents of Scam

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    Warning to all grandparents: The Indiana State Police were recently called to investigate yet another scam of a grandparent being bilked out of thousands of dollars by someone posing as their grandchild.  The most recent case involves a couple in northern Ripley County.  The victim reported she received a call from her “grandson” saying he had been involved in a crash in a foreign country and had been drinking.  He said he was in jail and needed money for bail, attorney fees, etc.  He said, “Please don’t tell Mom and Dad.”  The loving grandmother sent two substantial amounts of money via Western Union to Canada totaling over $11,000 only to find out days later she had been scammed.

    This scam has been going on for several years and unsuspecting grandparents are still having thousands of dollars taken from them.  Grandparents should VERIFY everything their “grandchild” is telling them BEFORE sending any money.  As soon as the grandchild says, “Don’t tell Mom and Dad” a red flag should be going up and the grandparent should immediately beware and start asking questions.  The caller will do their very best to get the sympathy of the grandparent by crying, begging, saying if the money isn’t received by a certain time they could be jailed for years.  The caller will say anything to get the intended victim to act as quickly as possible without considering the consequences of their actions.  If you do have grandchildren away at college or living far from home, have their parents notify you if the grandchildren will be traveling abroad.

    In this most recent case, the phone number that showed up on the victim’s Caller ID was 416-238-0000 and the number the victim was requested to call was 438-777-7947.  When “Googled” both of these numbers indicate they are from a scam.

    If you receive a call like this, do the following: 

    • Write down the number from your Caller ID and Google it.  If told to call a certain number, Google that number too.
    • VERIFY who you are talking to.  Ask personal questions only the real “grandchild” would know the answers to.
    • If told, “Don’t tell Mom and Dad” BEWARE.  After hanging up, call “Mom and Dad” anyway tell them of the call you just received.

    Once money is wired out of the country and the victim realizes they have been scammed, there is nothing police in the United States can do to assist with recovery of the money or seek criminal charges against the perpetrator.

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