• ISP looking for drivers tossing cigarettes

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    With much of Indiana in severe to extreme drought, Indiana State Police are cracking down on drivers who throw burning cigarettes from their cars.

    It’s not just dry, it is extremely dry out around Indiana and the combination can be dangerous.

    State police are worried about the trash starting brush fires, like the one that occured Monday along I-70 in Hendricks County that slowed traffic. Two fires on I-65 Tuesday also affected drivers – more reason for troopers to track down violators.

    While troopers say they are fed up with the problem, it’s very difficult to tell if someone is violating the law, especially in the daylight. It might be hard to tell if something looks like a cigarette or looks like trash.

    If state police do catch you, you could be fined $10,000. That’s the maximum penalty for throwing out a lit cigarette, cigar, match, or anything burning. If you’re finished with your nicotine and toss it out the window, it’s still littering, which comes with a $1,000 ticket.

    State police ask you to ask your friends that smoke to think before they throw.

    As of this week, 82 of the state’s 92 counties are under active burn bans. Although those bans are temporary, Indiana State Police point out that anyone who throws burning materials, like a lit cigarette, cigar or match from a moving vehicle is committing a Class A infraction (according to statute IC 35-45-3-3).


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