• ISP Alerts Area Residents of Money Scam

    January 06, 2011 No comments

    The Indiana State Police Post at Putnamville frequently receives inquiries into the validity of telephone, cell phone, US Mail, and on-line notifications telling the receiving person(s) they have been selected as a winner for substantial amounts of money. Nearly all of the notifications originate from overseas criminal enterprises and require you to send all of your inquiries and responses overseas as well.

    In the latest round of rouses to target valley residents, potential victims are told they have won a “Bonus Lottery Promotion Prize Award” and this is the “Final Winning Notification”. The target persons are then advised to contact an overseas e-mail address and provide personal banking information so their bogus winnings can be deposited directly into their account. Armed with your banking information, the criminal enterprises will then have the ability to withdraw money from victim’s accounts, instead of depositing funds.

    While most citizens are aware of these scams, there may some unsuspecting person respond to this request and have the possibility of losing money from their bank accounts. Therefore, the Criminal Investigation Division at the Putnamville Post would again remind residents to never provide personal or banking information to someone you don’t know, do not respond to unknown requests for information, and should you become the victim of a suspected scam, contact law enforcement. Remember, the lure of easy money can be devastating to your financial stability.

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